Entertaining the community and raising money for local good causes

The Shelford Feast - A festival of live music, comedy, community events and good food

You will eat well, drink well and have a fab time at The Shelford Feast. The Feast maintains the tradition of bringing the community together to celebrate and enjoy local produce, all with the aim of having a good time and raising money for local good causes. Watch our short video by Anna Allan


To all those hard working volunteers who slaved away on Feast Day to make it such an excellent event!

It was a great day following a great week!

Any questions? Read the website and this additional FAQ.

The Feast is organised entirely by volunteers so every penny raised goes to good causes. We wish you the warmest welcome and hope you Feast with us for many years to come ...

We are always on the look out for volunteers to help us, even for just a couple of hours. Please join us! More details here.