We recently received this kind message from the Headteacher at Shelford School.  It is just one of many examples of how money raised by the Feast is used locally.

Shelford School has been pleased to be a significant beneficiary of the Shelford Feast since its inception. Your donations have helped fund payments for trips, visits and music tuition for disadvantaged families or books for the school library. More recently they have been used to help fund a beautiful Church School Garden at the front of the school site (2013), or to part-fund the purchase of imaginative play and den building items for the meadow area (2014) and for improvements to the outdoor learning provision in the Reception class play area (2015).

Your 2016 contribution was used for bespoke scooter storage for the ever-increasing number of scooters on site. This is the successful result of our strong encouragement to families to ‘distance-park,’ walk, bike and scoot to school.   

We have been and continue to be extremely grateful for your generosity to us.

Alison Evans (Headteacher)