The Shelford Feast relies upon voluntary helpers – and we can never have enough! Please contact Sarah Coppendale on 01223 842498 or The Feast at to offer your services, however small! You could request fill in the form by sending us an email.

For example we have teams of people who help set up The Feast over the weekend preceding The Feast and a team who help tidy away. For this you should be practical, willing and reasonably fit.

We have a team that prepares and serves food throughout the week. You could offer to serve, do a turn on the till or the barbecue on any of the nights during the week, or be on the rota for Feast Day itself. A small team prepares and chops vegetables on the morning of The Feast while another team supervises the fires and stays up late to spit roast the meat.

Then there are the folks who drum up sponsorship, advertising and produce the programme, tickets – and this website. These are things that can be done in the months before The Feast and if you have computer, layout or design skills you can certainly help us.

Are you used to bar work? Our bar is on the go every evening from Tuesday to Saturday of Feast Week plus most of Saturday and Sunday. We’d appreciate skilled helpers, who work on a rota system.

Getting the idea? There’s scope for all talents! The Feast is organised by a committee of about 15 who meet throughout the year to choose the events and make decisions about how we go about things. If you are interested in organising, why not talk to one of the organisers (that’s people in the red Feast shirts) during the week? It’s a longer term commitment but if you can show you’ve helped us for a while and would like to join the decision makers – and if you’re younger than some of us – you could find yourself being very useful indeed. Come and join us!