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Apply for a Feast Grant

If you feel your local organisation deserves a Feast grant, do download a Grant Application Advice Form (PDF or Word) and email it to us on grants@shelfordfeast.co.uk.

The criteria for a grant from the Shelford Feast include:

1. Being a local charity or non-profit-making organisation
2. Financial need, especially where there is no alternative funding
3. Helping particularly the young, the old or the needy
4. Where a contribution would make most significant impact
5. Where there is a contribution to The Feast by the organisation or its supporters

2023 Feast Grants

We are delighted to say that the 2023 Feast was one of our most successful events, with crowds at evening events, happy customers at the concerts and all-comers well fed and watered.

We are very pleased to announce that we can give from the 2023 Feast £24,878 to local good causes! Click here for a complete list.