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Meet the team behind the scenes!

The Feast is organised by a committee known as the Bunch who meet throughout the year to choose the events and make decisions about how we do things – we’re the folk in red shirts who you’ll see running around events during the Feast!

Click below to read all about the history of the Feast and why the tradition is so important to the community.

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The Shelford Feast Bunch

Join Us!

While a worthy band of workers, the Bunch cannot do it all on their own. We rely upon up to 100 voluntary helpers for the weeks around the July Feast – and we can never have enough! Please contact Sarah Coppendale on 01223 842498 or drop us an email to offer your services, however small. If you are interested helping out beyond just Feast Week and helping to organise future Feasts, talk to one of the Bunch during the week!